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And the award for the most abstract and awesome remix goes to Andrew Luce for prettying up this shitty song. Thank you. Also dat cover art booty.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since Bastille released their Other People’s Heartache, Pt. 2 as a free download, along with with part one. These two albums floored me. They made me instantly fall in love with Bastille, I -immediately- pre-ordered Bad Blood even though I had to pay extra to have it imported to the US and it was still months out from release. This track here still gives me goosebumps after two years+, just listen to the lyrics. Here you can hear the origin of the Bad Blood track. I’m so happy to see how successful they’ve become, I feel like I grew up with them.

I listened to this yesterday before leaving home from work and this shit’s been on my mind for the last 15 hours.

I’m not familiar with the original track, but, holy shit, this remix is fucking wonderful.

This remix is so good that you’re going to be pissed at how short it is. Thank god for repeat.

I’m a huge Bag Raiders fan, so I’m usually pretty critical of people remixing their stuff, but this track had me bobbing to it the whole time. Even if you’ve never heard of them, this track is still worth a whirl. When have I steered you astray?

Teemid is the tits. Actually, if tits had tits that would be Teemid. End of story.

Totally forgot to post this the other day, better late than never. Fucking love this track.


Man, sometimes randomly clicking on a suggested song on SoundCloud really pays off. I should really do it more often. I’m in love with this track.


Very odd pairing, but they work incredibly well together. The last 30 seconds are especially awesome.


Just a PSA that The Glitch Mob’s new CD is streaming on SoundCloud. That is all.

Let’s do this throwback Thursday thing, shall we? This is probably the most controversial track I’ve ever posted here, yet it has received more plays than any other track. Over the 3 years of being on here it’s been played almost 100,000 times and the comments have ranged from “get cancer and die” to “this is the greatest mash-up of all time.” My opinion is still somewhere in between, even after 3 years.