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Are you doing something? Holding a baby? Masturbating? Procrastinating on homework? Well drop all of it and hit play…unless you’re procrastinating, then this will help just fine.

I can’t remember if I’ve posted Brika’s other tracks, if I haven’t, I’m sorry for depriving you. If she gets a good enough agent, this chick will be the next Tove Lo; you should definitely check out her other tracks on SoundCloud.

Very irritable today; everyone sucks and the new Tove Lo song is a steaming pile of ear-AIDS, so I default to an oldie, but goodie, which always cheers me up. If you haven’t heard this track before, good luck hearing the Hall & Oates song without waiting for Weezy to jump in when you hear it in the future. If you want the album you can grab it here.

Fuck me running. We went through a content-drought for a month and now the floodgates opened and I don’t know what to do with myself. On top of that it’s another Daft Punk-related song. Jesus, this is so fucking good.


Holy fucking gorgeous mash-ups, Batman! Do yourself a favor and hit ‘play,’ will ya?


Somehow Zwette always manages to remix songs I’m currently obsessed with. Here he is with Klangkarussell, and it’s a beauty, at that.



Well this works extremely well. fuckyeahmashups

Not gonna lie, went into this with the bias of not liking Beyonce, but shit, this was great.

Holy shit, this is the first thing Knife Party has posted in ONE WHOLE YEAR! Finally!!!

Great song in light of recent events. “We don’t control shit, cuz we don’t own shit.”

I can’t recommend this album high enough. If you’re in Europe, it’s already out. If you’re in the UK, it comes out September 1st. If you’re in America…fuck, I have no idea. Pirate it and donate some money to them? Seriously, cases like these is why piracy is prevalent. Get your shit together, music industry.

The most infectious piano chords you will ever hear.

And the award for the most abstract and awesome remix goes to Andrew Luce for prettying up this shitty song. Thank you. Also dat cover art booty.